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 Throwback Ironhelm

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PostSubject: Throwback Ironhelm   Fri Aug 08, 2008 11:06 pm

I don't know if I can do this or not but here we go.

Name: Throwback Ironhelm

class: Berserker

Weapon preference and Skill: I like to use a two handed axe. There is nothing as satisfing as speaking softly and carring a big axe. Skill level A.

Appearence: He is a dwarf. Roughly 4ft 2 inches tall, he has a long braided beard with silver rings to hold it in two forks. He has red hair and is constantly covered in soot for being near a forge. He is very stocky and barrel chested, and has powerful arms from working on a forge. He wheres a bandana over his head

history: Like with so many dwarves Throwback is devoted to two things, money and fighting. He joined the craftmans guild and ever since then he has never been far from a forge or a mine.

Alignment: Gray, he's usually good but some of his morals about the acquisition of money teater on the brink of illegality.

Equipment and belongings: A full scale mail suit that he made himself. He also has a black and green cloak. He carries the largest axe a dwarf can weild and rides a wild boar named Nidhogger.

Kingdom: Engardia

family Or warrior clan: Ironhelm clan. Son of Metalmead the bloody.


Unique or personal skills. He's very good at Smithing and mining. He also can pick pockets.

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Seth Renais
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PostSubject: Re: Throwback Ironhelm   Sat Aug 09, 2008 8:26 am

Very Nice. Excellent Description. History Was A little Short,But Simple Enough to where I did'nt need to know any more. Approved. Welcome to The site.
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Throwback Ironhelm
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