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 Barbarian and Berserker classes

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Seth Renais
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Webmaster/Wandering Knight/Virai leader
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Barbarian and Berserker classes Empty
PostSubject: Barbarian and Berserker classes   Barbarian and Berserker classes EmptyTue Jul 22, 2008 1:22 am

a barbarian is a fast and strong fighter,having the skill to use two weapons,even if they are different types. He or she often fights madly,appearing mad or bloodthirsty to even the most vicious enemies. he or she can specialize in speed and dexterity,strength and resistance,or a little of both.

The berserker is a vicious fighter,using anger and rage to fuel his or her attacks.
he often wears the heaviest armor,often covering his or her entire body.
berserker's use axes often,but can use great-swords and spears.
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Barbarian and Berserker classes
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