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 Mage classes

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Seth Renais
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Webmaster/Wandering Knight/Virai leader
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PostSubject: Mage classes   Mage classes EmptyTue Jul 22, 2008 1:34 am

Master wizard:top rank
this is a wizard who has wastered all forms of elemental magic and conjuring,being specially in tune with the magical world. the masters of wizardry often know magical scroll scribing and alchemy,being very wise and intelligent beings. master wizards can use low level stave's, and high level wands,tomes and daggers.

wizard:second rank
this is a wizard who has graduated from any of the four academy's,being fairly skilled.
they can use most forms of elemental magic,only the highly advanced forms being restricted from them. wizards can use wands and daggers.

apprentice mage
this is an apprentice,still in the academy studying under a wizard,or master wizard in some cases. apprentices can only use the basic forms of elemental magic. they can also use wands and daggers.
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Mage classes
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