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 Healer Classes

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Healer Classes Empty
PostSubject: Healer Classes   Healer Classes EmptyTue Jul 22, 2008 1:43 pm

Bishop: Third/Highest Rank
an agent of the church whom has mastered all forms of the divine light magic, and defensive spells, and all staves for various abilities mostly being among healing. Most have also mastered a one form of weapon combat in order to protect themselves from harm

Priest/Priestess: Second/ Mid Level Rank
an agent of the divine that has learned all they can from the higherups of the church. They can use most forms of divine light magic, low level defnensive aid spells, and most staves for healing among other things, but are still unable t be able to call themselves a bisop and use all of the forms including the highest. they also have the use of their stave as a blunt weapon

Apprentice Healer: lowest rank
this is an apprentice still learning the basics of helaing others and low level light magic. They study under the high priests and bishops of the church in order to become an asset to their kingdom one day. These Apprentices can use only weak healing staves and the lowest forms of divine light magic

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Healer Classes
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