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 Thief Classes

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PostSubject: Thief Classes   Thief Classes EmptyTue Jul 22, 2008 2:04 pm

Assasin:Third/ Highest level
The highest leveled and skilled thieves, they are shadows never seen or heard unless they choose to be. They carry out the highest level thefts for their kingdom, are skilled enough to spy in the highest of circes, and are now good enough to be the assasins ofor the kingdom. Traps come easy to them both to set and disarm and they use two daggers and are to be feared in combat

Rogue: Second/ Mid Level Class
thiefs whom have ben in the service of their kingdom and wom have picked up experience along the wa. Not only are they now sent on higher risk thievery missions, they now serve as spies for their kingdom,. they have also gained skill in trap setting. Combat with the dagger is no second nature to them and they are skiled enough to even fight against an armore knight and win

Thief: First/ Lowest Level
people with stealth and dexterity skills whom have been recruited intothe service of their kingdom. their job usually refers to that of stealing things from another kingdom under the order of theirs. They are trained early on in the art of dagger mastery so as to defend themselves if it ever comes down to it

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Thief Classes
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