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 name these songs & bands

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aerrow yautja
aerrow yautja

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name these songs & bands Empty
PostSubject: name these songs & bands   name these songs & bands EmptySat Apr 25, 2009 2:26 pm

u hav to know the lyrics to name the song & band

1. to save you WE MAY HAVE TO KILL YOU!
for freedom YOU MAY HAVE TO DIE!
#1 at liberaration
liberating life from bodies, helping spirits fly...
freedom from...LIFE!...YEAH!

2. i dont wanna waste my time
become another casualty of society
ill never fall in line
become a victim of your conformation
& back down

3. everything you say to me
takes me one step closer to the edge
& im about to break
i need a little room to breathe
cause im one step closer to the edge
& im about to break

4. dont wait for me
cause i will justify
while you just bleed
me & others try
dont wait for me
to be there in the end
when you dont see
the truth you just pretend
dont wait for me

5. seems every station,on the tv
is selling something,no1 can be
if every page was torn from the magazine
would cash still drive this media machine
their products,damage, & pursuit are endless
identity can leave you selfless

guess wrong & you will hav to sit in the chocolate pudding chair,the stains will never come out!
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name these songs & bands
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