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 Soldier Classes

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Seth Renais
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Webmaster/Wandering Knight/Virai leader
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Soldier Classes Empty
PostSubject: Soldier Classes   Soldier Classes EmptyMon Jul 21, 2008 9:50 pm

Veteran Soldier:Top rank
This is a soldier Who has seen everything. every tactic,every weapon,everything. Veterans are Extremely experienced warriors,Usually commanding but occasionally Being called to direct battle. veterans often have the Best and highest Quality weapons and armor,but have skill at such a high level of skill that the quality of their weapons often makes no difference. veterans usually wield spears,all swords types and axes,but can use daggers,stave's,maces,hammers and bows.

Warriors:Second rank
these are soldiers who have had some battle experience,giving them some tactic knowledge and weapon skill.
Warriors usually use axes and Great swords but can use maces,Hammers and Daggers as well.

Rookie:First rank
These are Soldiers fresh out of the academy,Usually with minor Weapon skill,but often no tactic knowledge.
they Can use Axes and light swords.
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Soldier Classes
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