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 meme ukitake

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Master Wizard/Relanian Magus/Goddess of Magic
Master Wizard/Relanian Magus/Goddess of Magic

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Character sheet
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PostSubject: meme ukitake   meme ukitake EmptyFri Jul 25, 2008 8:20 pm

Name: meme ukitake


Weapon preference and Skill:hand to hand S
sword: A

Appearence: meme is the neko in wite in the spoiler

history:shes been a heram girl most of her life an has vary lil info on the out side would she is a friend of yins. an she is a wild fire who seems to never run out of energy.


Equipment and belongings:not much on the fact she was a heram girl.

Kingdom: same as yin

family Or warrior clan:

Please keep them in reason with your class
Top rank skills
((Up to 10.))
Second rank skills:
((Up to 8.))
Third rank skills:
((Up to 6.))
Fourth rank skills:
((Up to four.))
Lowest Rank Skills:
((Up to 2.))

Dexterity: 10
Magicka: 0
Intelligence: 4
Defense: 6

fire being
ririri with whip of ace an staff of ace
meme ukitake 2007-09-07-70346
misty an fuku

relic of acea armor form.
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Seth Renais
Webmaster/Wandering Knight/Virai leader
Webmaster/Wandering Knight/Virai leader
Seth Renais

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PostSubject: Re: meme ukitake   meme ukitake EmptyFri Jul 25, 2008 8:21 pm

Good. Approved. ^_^
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meme ukitake
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