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 Knight classes

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Seth Renais
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Webmaster/Wandering Knight/Virai leader
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PostSubject: Knight classes   Knight classes EmptyMon Jul 21, 2008 9:51 pm

Knights and Royal guards
Royal knight:Highest rank
Protectors of the kingdoms,Royal Knights are one of the Strongest Classes.
they can wield spears and lances,all swords,and some Knights can specially train to use axes.

Royal guard:Third rank
Just underneath the royal knights,Royal guards Often act as personal bodyguards to a noble or king.
they can wield light and great swords,axes,spears and bows.

Knight:Second Rank
An un-official or knight in training,Knights are very strong but not nearly as strong as Royal knights.
They can use spears,sabers And light swords,But not great-swords.

Squire:First rank
This is the lowest from of knight,Usually just helping the knight he serves,Performing tasks and Chores in Exchange for training. Squires can use Short swords And daggers.
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Knight classes
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